Stakeholders in the seafood value chain seek reliable and transparent traceability to ensure the safety and sustainability of seafood products. SeafoodChain, powered by UNISOT, offers a game-changing solution, providing comprehensive end-to-end traceability enhanced by AI in the form of Federated Learning.

Discover how our platform empowers stakeholders with transparency and confidence in the seafood value chain. 

Revealing the Journey: From Ocean to Distribution 

A Transparent Seafood Journey
SeafoodChain offers unparalleled insight into the entire seafood journey, from ocean or land-based to distribution. Each step, including catch details, processing methods and storage conditions, is meticulously recorded and accessible to stakeholders. Embrace a new era of traceable seafood, understanding its path through the value chain. 

Secure and Verified Data
SeafoodChain ensures all actors receive accurate and verifiable information through a secure blockchain-based ledger. This verifiable data instills trust and confidence, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions at every stage of the value chain. 

Empowering Sustainable Choices: Supporting Responsible Practices 

Driving Sustainability in the Seafood Industry
With SeafoodChain, stakeholders can drive sustainability in the seafood industry. By highlighting responsible fishing practices, environmental stewardship and sustainable sourcing, SeafoodChain empowers stakeholders to support a healthier planet and ethical business practices. 

Fostering Collaborative Efforts
Collaboration is key to sustainability. SeafoodChain’s collaborative ecosystem facilitates partnerships between stakeholders, fostering collective efforts to address industry challenges effectively. Working together, stakeholders can create positive change in the seafood value chain. 

Ensuring Safety and Quality: Confidence in Every Transaction 

Meeting Stringent Standards
Safety and quality are paramount. SeafoodChain ensures that seafood products meet stringent standards by providing real-time data on processing, handling and storage conditions. Stakeholders can rest assured that each transaction adheres to the highest safety and quality protocols. 

Building Trust Among Stakeholders
Transparency builds trust. By offering verifiable information about seafood products’ origin and handling, SeafoodChain fosters trust among stakeholders in the value chain. This trust forms the foundation for strong and reliable business relationships. 

SeafoodChain is the driving force behind traceability and transparency in the seafood value chain, further bolstered by the integration of Federated Learning. With this cutting-edge technology, stakeholders can now access reliable data while preserving data privacy, ensuring seafood products’ safety, sustainability and quality at every stage of the journey. 

Embrace the power of SeafoodChain and Federated Learning to make responsible choices, foster collaboration, and build trust among stakeholders in the seafood value chain. Together, we embark on a journey of transparency, responsibility and success, enhanced by the privacy-preserving capabilities of Federated Learning.