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SeafoodChain’s Transparency Empowers Ethical Seafood Consumers


Heightened environmental awareness, conscious consumerism and transparency have emerged as powerful marketing tools. SeafoodChain, with its pioneering traceability solutions such as the Digital Product Passport, stands at the forefront of this movement.

SeafoodChain’s Transparency Empowers Ethical Seafood Consumers2023-09-06T10:36:52+01:00

From Sea to Plate


Stakeholders in the seafood value chain seek reliable and transparent traceability to ensure the safety and sustainability of seafood products. SeafoodChain, powered by UNISOT, offers a game-changing solution, providing comprehensive end-to-end traceability enhanced by AI in the form of Federated Learning.

From Sea to Plate2023-08-31T13:53:18+01:00

Gaining a Competitive Edge with SeafoodChain


In the vast ocean of the seafood industry, small and medium-sized businesses face tough competition. But fear not, for SeafoodChain, powered by UNISOT, is here to help you gain a competitive edge! This cutting-edge platform empowers SME seafood businesses to differentiate their products, stand out in the market and attract conscious consumers.

Gaining a Competitive Edge with SeafoodChain2023-08-31T13:51:54+01:00

Streamline Your Seafood Operations with SeafoodChain


In the world of seafood, operational efficiency is key to success for small and medium-sized seafood businesses. Enter SeafoodChain, the groundbreaking platform that brings streamlined processes and automation capabilities to optimize operations, reduce costs and enhance overall efficiency.

Streamline Your Seafood Operations with SeafoodChain2023-08-16T12:15:11+01:00

Sporbarhet av fisk


Vemund Holte Igesund & Fredrik Sebastian Rognstad fra Høgskolen i Molde var i dialog med UNISOT, som nylig har utviklet et sporbarhetssystem som tar i bruk blockchain teknologi for sporing av fiskeprodukter.

Sporbarhet av fisk2021-10-01T15:05:47+01:00
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