SeafoodChain, powered by UNISOT, can play a significant role in supporting seafood farming on land, also known as land-based aquaculture and Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

Our platform enables real-time monitoring of crucial parameters in land-based aquaculture systems. It can integrate with sensors and monitoring systems to track feeding volumes, water quality, temperature, oxygen levels and other environmental factors. This data allows farmers to closely monitor and control the farming conditions, ensuring optimal growth and health of farmed seafood.

Efficient feed management is essential in land-based aquaculture. SeafoodChain can trace the sourcing, composition and distribution of feed, providing farmers the tools to prove the type and quality of the feed to their customers and consumers.

Land-based aquaculture operations need to assess and minimize their environmental impact. SeafoodChain helps farmers to collect and securely and immutably store environmental data, enabling them to prove the source and integrity of the information used in their environmental reporting. This supports farmers in adopting environmentally responsible practices, reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

SeafoodChain’s traceability features are invaluable in land-based aquaculture. By tracking the entire production process, from egg production to dinner plate, and providing transparency to customers, it builds trust and confidence in the seafood products. Consumers can have peace of mind, knowing the origin, quality and sustainable practices associated with the land-based farmed seafood they purchase.

By utilizing SeafoodChain in land-based aquaculture, farmers can improve their operational efficiency, save costs, minimize environmental impact while maximizing quality and provide traceability to customers proving these facts. These benefits contribute to sustainable and responsible land-based seafood farming practices, ensuring the production of high-quality seafood while minimizing environmental impact.

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