SeafoodChain, powered by UNISOT, can provide assistance to the various challenges wild-caught fishermen can face.

By leveraging its traceability and transparency features, SeafoodChain enables wild-caught fishermen to showcase the origin and sustainability of their catch, enhancing market access and consumer trust. It also facilitates efficient supply chain management, optimizing operations and reducing costs. With real-time data on fishing conditions and stock levels, fishermen can make informed decisions, improving resource management and ensuring long-term viability. SeafoodChain’s capabilities help mitigate regulatory compliance challenges, simplifying documentation and record-keeping. Ultimately, SeafoodChain empowers wild-caught fishermen with tools to overcome obstacles, promote sustainability and thrive in a competitive seafood industry.

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Market Access and Transparency

Wild-caught fishermen often struggle with limited market access and lack of transparency in the seafood industry. SeafoodChain can connect fishermen directly with buyers, retailers, and consumers, creating a transparent marketplace. By showcasing the origin, quality, and sustainability attributes of their catch, SeafoodChain can help fishermen gain visibility and access to better markets.

Collaboration and Networking

SeafoodChain can facilitate collaboration and networking opportunities among wild-caught fishermen. The platform can connect fishermen to share best practices, exchange knowledge and collectively address common challenges. This collaboration enhances the collective strength of fishermen and fosters a supportive community.

Fair Pricing and Payment

Wild-caught fishermen often face price fluctuations and unfair payment practices. SeafoodChain can introduce pricing transparency by providing real-time market data and fair pricing benchmarks. Additionally, by enabling secure and transparent transactions through the platform, SeafoodChain can help ensure that fishermen receive fair and timely payments for their catch.

Real-time Vessel Collection

SeafoodChain supports live data collection from fishing vessels through satellite connections and marine data concentrators. Seamlessly integrating onboard sensor data with external sources such as fuel prices, fish prices and estimation of landings, costs, and catch composition. By harnessing this real-time information, SeafoodChain empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions, optimize operations and ensure sustainability in the dynamic world of fishing and seafood.

Traceability & Authentication

Verifying the authenticity and origin of wild-caught fish is a challenge. SeafoodChain can implement traceability systems that record and track each step of the supply chain, from catch to market. By using technologies like public blockchain, SeafoodChain can ensure the integrity of the data, providing proof of origin and preventing fraud or mislabeling. This helps establish trust in the product and enhances the value of the fishermen’s catch.

Sustainable Fishing Practices

Many wild-caught fishermen strive to adopt sustainable fishing practices but lack the necessary resources or guidance. SeafoodChain can provide educational resources, training materials and access to certification programs for sustainable fishing. This empowers fishermen with knowledge and tools to minimize environmental impact and meet sustainability standards.