With the arrival of the Electronic Trade Documents Bill (ETDB), SeafoodChain’s platform is taking the lead to deliver even greater value.

ETDB signifies a substantial advancement in making international trade transactions smoother. It opens the door for the use of electronic documents, thus reducing the administrative hurdles usually associated with paper-based systems.

Efficiency and Quickness

By digitizing and automating trade document processes SeafoodChain, powered by UNISOT, notably speeds up transactions, resulting in faster deliveries and enhanced business performance. This evolution in speed and efficiency can provide businesses a crucial competitive advantage.

Lowered Expenses

The platform aids businesses in significantly cutting down costs related to printing, courier services, storage, and document handling by eliminating the necessity for physical paperwork.

Regulation Compliance

Designed to comply with international trade regulations and standards – including the ETDB – businesses using SeafoodChain’s platform can be confident they are always in compliance.

Environmental Sustainability

By eliminating the use of paper, the platform contributes to environmental sustainability, aligning with the growing global emphasis on eco-friendly business practices.

Boosted Security and Trust

With the unchangeable nature of public blockchain technology at its foundation, SeafoodChain offers a secure environment where documents are protected against alterations. Every transaction is permanently recorded, strengthening system dependability and building trust among all participants.

Worldwide Interoperability

As a global platform, SeafoodChain ensures smooth interactions between all stakeholders in the supply chain, regardless of their geographical location. This interoperability is essential to the seamless operation of international trade activities.

Enhanced Traceability

SeafoodChain offers complete visibility of the supply chain, including the path of trade documents, which enhances transparency and accountability. This traceability is priceless in today’s intricate supply chains.