How blockchain can improve supply chains

Can blockchain technology streamline and secure supply chain operations across widely different industries?

That’s the vision of Stephan Nilsson, founder and CEO of the Oslo-based enterprise blockchain platform UNISOT. Meanwhile, Sukhi Jutla, co-founder and COO of MarketOrders, a London-based online platform for the gold and diamond jewelry industry, is actively exploring blockchain solutions for her business.

“There’s a lot of the same thing here, we have to take care of a product that is being moved around in the world, and today there are a lot of problems encountered while doing that, and that’s where this technology can help.”

The two entrepreneurs were brought together for this week’s episode of CoinGeek Conversations, in which Charles Miller invited them to compare their respective fields—jewelry for Sukhi, and, as his first case study for UNISOT, Stephan’s experience with supply chains in the Norwegian fish industry.

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