Using SeafoodChain: The New Standard in Seafood Safety and Trust

The alarming frequency of seafood recalls, such as the recent case with Coop Norway, can unsettle your confidence about the safety of your consumers and the integrity of your brand. But fret not, with SeafoodChain’s comprehensive suite of cutting-edge modules, you are now equipped to manage these demanding situations efficiently and effectively. 

SeafoodChain: Your Ally in Swift and Effective Recalls 

Powered by UNISOT, SeafoodChain empowers you to take control during product recalls, swiftly identifying and recalling problematic products to reduce risk for consumers and uphold your brand reputation. 


Timing is crucial when it comes to product recalls. The SeafoodChain solution provides real-time data, enabling you to trace products throughout the supply chain instantaneously. This feature allows you to identify compromised batches quickly, initiating immediate action to mitigate potential harm to consumers and your business. 


During a recall, accurate documentation is a non-negotiable. The Global Inventory Management module ensures you have a tamper-proof record of each transaction and procedure, including essential information like harvesting methods, transportation conditions and storage temperatures. These detailed records enable you to present necessary evidence to regulatory authorities for a smooth recall process. 


Coordinating a recall requires seamless communication among all stakeholders involved. The Secure Document Collaboration module serves as a hub to facilitate secure and auditable exchange of information between you, suppliers, distributors and regulatory bodies. This means everyone is promptly informed, ready to take action and minimizing the potential impact of the recall. 


At the heart of your business is the health of your consumers. With the IS – Seafood module, you can identify and isolate affected batches, pinpointing the problem source and removing problematic products from the market swiftly. This reduces consumer exposure to potential harm, reinforcing their trust in your brand and its commitment to safety. 


A mismanaged product recall can significantly harm your brand’s reputation. But, with the SeafoodChain Traceability solutions, you can maintain and prove your commitment to safety, ensuring rapid, accurate recalls. These capabilities allow you to demonstrate transparency and maintain consumer trust, mitigating potential long-term damage to your reputation. 

Capitalize on the transformative power of SeafoodChain today, and ensure your business remains at the forefront of consumer trust and seafood safety. Discover how our platform can redefine your approach to product recalls. We are excited to demonstrate the unparalleled value SeafoodChain can bring to your organization.