Faculty of Logistics, Molde University College, Norway
Department of Software Engineering, Atilim University, Turkey

“The blockchain is the only technology that gives all parties across the entire supply chain coherent information regarding the products in an irreversible public record. This information is collected from the IoT platform of actors being the authoritative source of the information. Seafood farmers have valuable product information, while other actors along the supply chain supplement this information with their own information about logistics and quality as the product moves through the chain. The SeafoodChain system fetches data from the IoT Seafood platform of each actor and stores these in the public blockchain. For the seafood farmer, this includes a comprehensive set of IoT data and metadata on the seafood.”

“The blockchain provides transparency and security to all actors along the chain since it is a universal infrastructure on top of the internet. For traceability, events stored in the blockchain provide timestamps from the blockchain, giving the exact time of insertion; accurate data are, for example, provided of when a shipment left the actor. Since all actors have access, other actors or service providers can calculate what time shipments should arrive at various points, as well as other value-adding operations based on universal access to common data stored in SeafoodChain.”

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