A supply chain expert might not be the first person you’d think of turning to when thinking of how your gambling operation can improve, but there’s a lot of overlapping experience when you come to think of it.

There are lessons everywhere to be learned from COVID-19, and the supply chain world is no different. “So supply chains, just like we have seen now with this situation here with the COVID is that our society at the moment is very vulnerable for any kind of disruption, and especially if you get things like this when people have to stay home or they are not allowed to work,” Nilsson said. “And a lot of supply chains today, even if we are living in a very digitalized world, supply chains today are still a lot of manual work. It’s moving physical things, it’s moving even paper between each other, exchanging papers still today, I don’t understand how that can still be possible, but they do. So, when you have things like it, when people cannot work, you have to stay home, or even get sick, even if not many have actually got sick, but then we see that supply chains are stopping.”

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